Oro designs shoes and their related components (forms, heels and various metal accessories). To a great extent he designs elegant women shoes and sometimes bags and dresses.

His main work is to offer his customer a range of sketches and ideas to be used as starting point for a design.

Oro’s sketches are the product of his imagination and technique. Obviously, although the sketches are based on fantasy and technique, it is important to consider the feasibility of the project, the model and the various problems which could arise during the last phase before the product is finished. As to the technical designs the attention concentrates not only on the trends, but also on the technical details which are important too.

These sketches can be a valid support for those companies which, though already relying on their own designers, want to widen their designs or to personalize them according to their taste, or for those companies which want to increase their collection by using an already realized design.

Also having the certificate of Technical Model maker of Footwears, I can effect besides the development of the sketch of creative ideation, in the planning in real staircase of the same with all the particular (buckles,zip,), in the realization of the model in cardboard.

For the one that had need on in demand is possible having also effected the study of the system CAD/CAM with program (SHOEMASTER TORIELLI QS) of autocad 2D for the sketch and the grafica,to realize through the digitally of the models with plotter (tablet) and mouse, the development, the proceeds and the cut with the car Roland of the pieces in cardboard, for the future ended product.

For further information please contact the shoes designer Oronzo through the contacts page.

About Me.

Oronzo de Matteis

Born in Rheine (Germany) on 18th August 1976, spent his childhood in Düsseldorf. The city is also the seat of a famous Art Academy, one of the greatest centre of the german Romanticism and there numerous industrial and commercial exhibitions at international level occur, among which the GDS International Event for Shoes.
It’s right there that he began to observe and to appreciate the fashion world.

"… Fascinated by that world I wished I could be part of it and decided to become Shoes Designer …"

School and Job Career.

1991 - 1994

In Lecce (Italy) he obtains the triennal school-leaving certificate for the Institute for trade and handicraft and devotes himself to the entrepreneurship.


In San Mauro Pascoli in Emilia-Romagna, place called the made in Italy great luxury, above all in field of footwear and of CERCAL (Research Centre and Footwear International school) set up by the stylist Sergio Rossi, he collaborates with important firms like BALDININI, BRUNO MAGLI, CASADEI, POLLINI, SERGIO ROSSI (GUCCI GROUP) and VICINI.


He obtains the skills certificate after the training course for Operators in development and cut through CAD financed by the European Social Fund and by the Region Emilia-Romagna. (The course based on the notions of the art of modelling, on the study of materials and quality and the study of the CAD/CAM system).


He works in a firm for women footwear, known worldwide for its elegance, quality and comfort: the Sergio Rossi SpA, acquired afterwards by GUCCI GROUP one of the greatest name of the Made in Italy, in close relationship with stylists like SERGIO ROSSI, EDMUNDO CASTILLO for the Sergio Rossi line, and FRANCESCO RUSSO for the YVES SAINTLOREN line.


He obtains with high marks the certificate of “PATTERN MAKER” footwear technician (the job consists in developing the outline of creative idea and in designing it in real scale with all particulars).

2004 - 2005

 He takes part in the fifth Edition of the International Competition (A Talent for the shoe) directed to new stylists. (The competition consisted in working out a woman footwear, inspired by the subject “At the great ball with Cinderella”; his work resulted among the first thirty, which were most appreciated by the jury on a total of about 200 stylists coming from all over the world and it was exhibited in Villa Torlonia). After this experience Oronzo De Matteis creates the personal mark OROORO, abbreviation of his name.

2005 - 2006

 He work as model maker in Bologna at Bruno Magli company, women footwear producer and then at BALDININI in San Mauro Pascoli, where he met the stylist Claudio Merazzi.

Currently I am shoes designer for footwear woman freelance.
Dispatch of stylistic sketches personalized on application of the customer

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